MVF provides top quality Video Production Services,  Commercial Production, Post-Production, Web and Digital Content, as well as event and commercial photography and videography.



Miami Video and Film, Inc. offers a wide range of video, and other media related services.  From news gathering, to commercials, corporate videos, web content, and infomercials, our experienced crew has proudly completed projects for some of the most recognized companies and organizations. 


Our professional photography team is highly experienced in corporate, fashion, modeling, commercial, product, and special event photography. 


Our post-production facilities are equipped with the latest 4K technology, as well as a multi-Emmy Award winning producer and editor, to bring all your ideas to life. 


to deliver for you!

No matter what your project needs are, you can count on our creativity, experience, and customer service to fulfill your video and photography needs. From conceptualization of a script to post-production, our creative team will go anywhere to get the shot to make your project a success. 

From ENG fieldwork to a full scale commercial production, our experienced production team is ready for all your video needs. 

Our graphic design specialists are here to design and develop 2D and 3D animations, for your brand and promotional material. 

Social media has become the new frontier for advertisers. Let MVF create a captivating video to capture the attention of the new digital generation. 

Post Production

and editing

Wether you're in need of  30 second commercial,  a corporate or branding video, our post-production producers and editors have the experience and creative eye to make your video project stand out. 


Any product or service will sell a lot faster with professional photography. Let our creative team take your brand or product to the next level with eye catching and cutting age photography. 

We have graphic artists and designers in our team to help you with your logo design, branding design, and marketing material. 

Emmy Award Winning

videographers, editors, and producers

Our creative team of producers, videographers, editors, graphic designers, and photographers have received over 65 Emmy Award nominations and have earned a combined 37 Emmy Awards for Television excellence. 

  We are visual storytellers, and through our digital canvas we bring our client's vision to life.  It is our greatest passion!

- Armando Pico, Founder and Director of Photography

4K aerial video and photography


Wether you're selling a real-estate property or just want to captivate your audience, aerial drone photography and video footage has quickly become a great tool for advertising.  Drone footage allows you to really take your consumers on a ride and tell them a story from a different perspective. Our 4K drone will take your video production or product photography to the next level.

37-time Emmy Award Winning Production Team

With over 26 years of experience in the film/video production business, Armando Pico and Carlos Barquin have mastered the art of cinematography and photography. Together they have produced many successful video projects for renowned brands, companies, public figures and politicians.  Their news coverage resume include world summits, U.S. Presidential inaugurations and interviews, royal weddings, many news events for network and local news, as well as features and documentaries. They have produced and directed multi-camera production shoots for TV shows as well as local and network newscasts. 

Studio facilities including
Green Screen

Our studio is equiped with 2 shooting spaces with ceilling mounted studio lights, along with a make-up and dressing room. 


Armando Pico

Armando Pico's passion for photography began at the age of 10 when he built his first camera out of a cardboard box. He's a graduate from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and a recipient of 36 Emmy Awards. His creativity, keen eye, and attention to detail make every project he's part of a complete success. 

Carlos Barquin

Carlos Barquin graduated from FIU, He has worked at various news organizations including NBC, Telemundo and Univision. Over the years he has been involved in covering international, national, and local events. He is an Emmy Award-winning videographer, producer, photographer and manager with an exceptional record of leading production teams. 

Armando Mato

Armando "Mandy" Mato is not only our graphic artist and designer, but he's also one of our staff photographers.